Counseling & Coaching 


Unique services:

      Individual Counseling

      (35  -55 min sessions)

      Mental Health

      Substance Abuse

      Beliefs and value management 

      (money and mental health)

​      Relationship counseling

      (6 session bundle)


      Walk & Talk Therapy (2 hours)


      Leadership Coaching (varies)


How Do I Access My Session?

 HIPAA compliant telehealth:


Your electronic payment invoice  will be send to your email along with your appointment booking information.

You will receive an email or text with the day and time of your appointment.  We will use a HIPAA secure platform. 

High seed internet required.

Best on a laptop or desktop.

Android or ipad tablets, smart phones also an option. 

Text  me  in “real time” if you are having difficulty accessing the session. 843 633-3281.

Contact for Rates and Insurance Information