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Avoid Burnout

Burnout looks differently for different people. I’ve heard clients and LPC residents talk about burnout when there are staff shortages. I’ve heard them talk about burnout in relationship to imposter syndrome when they were given additional responsibility outside of their comfort zone.

Check out the activity below, or reach out to us to learn about private coaching or counseling.


Activity to Help You Avoid Burnout

We often talk about preparing for vacation so that the “re-entry” (as I refer to it) is more manageable. The goal is to delegate as much as possible so that you return to a manageable environment.

If delegation is out of the question, organize as much as possible. The goal is to allow vacation to separate you from work for a brief time. The goal is to feel relaxation to help with a reset.

Feeling and Visualization

Feel the emotions associated with relaxation. Hold on to the feeling for as many days as possible when you return to work. Visualize the feeling of relaxation when you return to work. Set a goal to feel the relaxation for as many days as possible after returning to work.

Counseling Services

We offer teletherapy, counseling and coaching to help you overcome anxiety and avoid burnout. 

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