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Money Mindset Group Coaching

Take your next step to reduce financial worry.

The Money Mindset group consists of a small number of professionals who want to be their best selves and change their relationship with money.  Money Mindset Group Coaching is a 70-minute live, online session led by professional coach Felicia Prescott, LPC.

Please contact us for next group date.

In this session, you will..

  1. Learn how the cycle of change impacts your efforts to work through your beliefs and values about money.

  2. Learn how to use the emotional freedom technique to manage thoughts of lack, converting them into thoughts of abundance. 

  3. Receive a suggested reading list related to money beliefs and being your best self.

The 70-minute group coaching session is only $90.

Reserve Your Spot 

Money Mindset Coaches

Professional coaches Felicia Prescott and Aletheia Hackbarth will lead the Money Mindset Group Coaching session. Learn more about your coaches.

Why Join Money Mindset Group Coaching

When you're going after a big goal in your life, you may experience being stuck at some point in the journey. Are the messages about money that you received growing up holding you back?    

You are not alone staying up at night thinking about the next paycheck and bills.

44 % of stress is financial related. But anxiety about finances doesn't have to control your life. 

Chances are you know the stories that you are working to change.  But none of that helps you if you can't CHANGE the beliefs.  How do you do that? Counselor, Coach, Confidant can help. 

Coaching will help you process how those stories impact you today. You will learn how to work through your cycle of change.  Coaching will get you into action and become your accountability. 

Here are some videos in which I share some of the money mindset stories I had to change.

What happens next?

  • Signing up for the Money Mindset group begins by completing the form above to reserve your spot.     

  • You will receive a personal welcome to the small group with instructions to access the online coaching group session. 

  • You will receive an online invoice for the group session with payment due within 72 hours of the start date. 

  • You will complete a money mindset questionnaire to help you identify your money mindset story. 

Following the HIPAA compliant telehealth group, you will be offered the opportunity to continue with individual coaching.   No big box services because You are your best investment.

We know how to help you manage your money mindset and reduce financial worry.  We know how to make the worry stop.

Questions? Contact us to start a conversation.

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