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Stop Financial Worries

Tired of worrying about your financial present and future. Create your dream of less money stress. Try the activities below to help you change your money mindset. Scroll down further and listen 

to my old money mindset stories. 

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Money Mindset Activity

“I want my children to have the best. I want them to have things that I didn’t have.”

“I want to teach my children to save.”


Neither value is right and neither value is wrong. Finding out where these values come from helps you understand reactions of judgement, or fear in money matters. Story matters in your values. You and your co-parent can make more united decisions when you understand each other’s values. But first you must understand your own values.

Take a moment and list your top 3 values from the list.

A person who values family in the top 3 might want to spend extra time and money at home. A person who values career in the top three may want to spend extra time working. The areas in your life that your prioritize will vary.

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What are your top 3 values?


  1. Independence

  2. Stability

  3. Power

  4. Recognition

  5. Wealth

  6. Relaxation

  7. Freedom

  8. Achievement

  9. Free time

  10. Career​

My Stories

Your money mindset starts with your beliefs. Here are my stories. 

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