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Updated: Aug 1, 2018

School is resuming, Summer fun is coming to a close, but Fall with the family can be great. You have heard the saying , "when mamas happy, everyone is happy", so don't forget about yourself.

Walk and Talk therapy is well rounded physical and mental health for adults who want to reduce anxiety, depression, or stress with a licensed therapist. You will get a feeling of completeness. When you exercise, you increase chemicals in your brain called endorphins. With mental clarity your therapy session will be more genuine. Enjoy the fulfillment that exercise brings. If you add therapy as a part of your healthy lifestyle and some type of exercise on a regular basis, you may rewire your brain and improve your body and mind.

Clients say, "My appetite is increased. I've gained over 20 pounds." "My medications increase my appetite."

I say, "Let's get those endorphins flowing!"

In three sessions you will start two healthy life style habits. Therapy and exercise. You will practice relaxation exercises and have an ongoing treatment plan at the end of three sessions.

How does this work? -No cost 10 min consultation. Is this a match for you? -Your first session is a traditional 40 min secure initial telehealth visit. -Sessions 2 & 3 are "walk & talk" 40 min sessions in a tranquil nature settings in the Savannah or Pooler area. (The location will be identified during consultation.) The days of the week are Tuesday or Thursday. The time is 7:45 p.m.-8:30 p.m. All Summer & Fall.

All for $40.00, and you are your best investment.

Call ME at 478 569-7069 FOR A NO COST CONSULTATION any Monday or Wednesday between 12:00 -1:00. Contact me on the website for information or COMPLEMENTARY TIPS

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