Scary EAP, Who can you trust when you are bullied at work?

Updated: Aug 3, 2018

I was not sure why I was bullied at work. I was not sure why the environment was negative. I was sure that I could only change myself. I engaged in Leadership courses, cohorts, and workshops. I put what I learned into practice. I also added therapy.

If you are not sure you can trust EAP, because the organization finances it, realizing that you need therapy /counseling while you feel good is most important.

It's GOOD to make an appointment when you can't sleep, and your head is filled with negative thoughts and worry. It's GREAT to make an appointment when you feel good, so that you can talk about the challenging physical and mental responses to bullying with focus.

Trust yourself. Trust someone else. You don't have to use EAP, but counseling with someone qualified matters.

Thanks to Dawn Westmorland, the Empowered Whistleblower for interviewing me on her Mental Health Radio podcast. Listen here: . Connect with at

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