Pace Yourself

Updated: Jun 8, 2018

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Work life is never stress free, just like personal life isn’t. Sometimes things are busier and even hectic, and sometimes things are slower or even boring.

I currently supervise a counseling resident who loves to stay extremely busy and feels more stressed when things are slower. We have discussed productive downtime activities, but they don’t provide her the satisfaction that being extremely busy provides. So work stress is unique to each of us.

A warning flag should go up when your work has multiple prolonged hectic periods or demands, and you don’t have time to recover or be creative. After all it is important to enjoy your successes. Another flag should go up if you meet important goals and get bullied from start to finish.

Avoid burn out and anxiety by taking a break between projects that you and your supervisor agree are major ones. An aware supervisor will recognize your hard work and may allow you some transition time. Discuss working from home for a few days or taking a long weekend.

Don’t let work stress build up and affect your health and wellness.

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