Love You Mom, Love You Dad

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Decisions with mom and dad can be challenging. Love, responsibility and sibling pressures may cause stress and anxiety when you are the caregiver or ultimate decision maker. Join this therapy and education group specifically for Virginia residents. It will allow you to express your emotions, and get unbiased information from a Virginia ombudsman.

Call 478-569-7069 to sign up or schedule on the booking services tab under consulting. $35.00 per participant. #adultcaregivers, #Virginia

Are you a caregiver who is interested in attending an informative conference in a wonderful Florida setting? Join us at the 40th Anniversary and 2019 Annual Conference of the Southern Gerontological Society. We will be presenting "Take a Break From Caregiving, Come Play C.A.R.E.S.-BINGO.

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