Your Holidays are time you'll never get back

Do you enjoy the holidays or feel pressured to do what you don’t really enjoy?  Be honest with yourself.  It’s OK either way.

I was at SAM's Club two years ago tis season and I was one of the few customers with only daily use items, like cases of water in my basket. Of course, some were shopping for their businesses, but most had a basket full of Holiday items.  

Money can be one of the biggest stressors during the holiday season (and otherwise). As I stood in a long line, time I'll never get back, I wondered how many of the people had saved for this time of year. This year, I accidentally did have a few "unallocated expendable dollars" for hosting Thanksgiving, still no savings for gifts.

If you did not plan, get comfortable with telling loved ones that certain things cost too much and that it may be a future gift. Do you enjoy paying for gifts for months to come? Remember that you have choices. Remember that this is such a commercial time of year.  Also remember that this is your time.

Do what YOU enjoy.  Ask for help and Expect help. Make the holidays fun for you.  Have a gift wrapping or cooking party if you need help.  I love to decorate and buy token gifts for loved ones, look at the outdoor lights and hear the holiday music. 

This is your holiday and time that you will never get back.

People are always either loving or hating family get together events. Remember, adults get to go where they want to go and do what they want to do!

It is true that Holidays are a time of fewer suicide completions than most other times. You may get depressed if you have sad holiday memories.  Talk about those memories with friends or loved ones, or a professional.

Most importantly ENJOY YOURSELF!    I keep saying that you will never get your time back hoping that it is a light hearted way to encourage mindfulness during the holiday season.

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Felicia Prescott, LPC, CCCC

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