Good News June 2018

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I am a social media user, not an expert user, but a happy user. I have ventured out to join several groups that reflect my interest. My counseling specialty is reducing anxiety and depression related to workplace stressors. I read many comments from professionals who are skilled, ambitious, successful and feeling tormented. They are experiencing bully’s that exhibit what may sound like childish behavior, and that is not the case based on the responses of targeted professionals. How would you like temperature control torment, or tainted potluck food, or just lies and retaliation? Does it sound familiar? Your situation is probably a little different, but a serious situation never the less.

Workplace Winning is possible. You area successful professional with many wins under your belt, so let’s add managing bully’s, reducing anxiety and reducing stress.

Good news!

In four sessions you will fee more empowered and eager to produce. You will save time and travel through secure telehealth.

Contact me now for no cost consultation and let’s get you in the group. 478 569-7069 or

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